• Green Circle Salons's Recycling Program

    Every minute salons contribute to 420,000 pounds of waste in landfills, including 63,000 pounds of hair daily. At Shear Image we are committed to reducing that amount. With @greencirclesalons we are now able to recycle 95% of our daily waste.
  • Plant a Free Tree with Tea Tree| hair care

    Since 2014, Tea Tree| hair care has been a proud supporter of Reforest Action and their mission to green the globe. The largest digital community of tree planters, Reforest Action works to plant trees in areas where reforestation is needed most. ⁠
  • What is in the products you are using?⁠

    Most drugstore products can cause excess buildup and damage to your hair. This is because low end products can often have sulfates, parabens, and silicons. These chemicals are not only bad for your hair; they can be bad for your body as well. ⁠