Plant a Free Tree with Tea Tree| hair care

Tea Tree| hair care has committed to not only making their cardboard packaging out of recyclable materials, but to begin converting their plastic bottles out of recycled material as well. ⁠

Recycling and reprocessing existing plastics not only helps minimize waste, but it also uses less energy and fossil fuels than creating new plastics.⁠

Since 2014, Tea Tree| hair care has been a proud supporter of Reforest Action and their mission to green the globe. The largest digital community of tree planters, Reforest Action works to plant trees in areas where reforestation is needed most. ⁠

To plant a free tree go to ⁠


This year they have committed to plant one million trees by the end of 2022. Planting just one tree makes a huge impact. One tree can create:⁠

1 hour of work for a local farmer⁠
3 animal habitats⁠
4 months of oxygen⁠
An offset of 360 miles’ worth of CO2 from cars⁠

We are happy to have their Special Color, Lemon Sage, & Tea Tree Shampoos and Conditioners! ⁠